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Crochet Tassel Cushion Covers



These pretty crochet beauties are now available to pre-order in ✨3 sizes ✨ a huge range of colours (ref pic!)!!✨ I have the original that these have been inspired by; they needed more sizes and an improvement to the gape in the button area, so that's been fixed 👍 These are lovingly hand crocheted by the sweetest Balinese woman...your purchase will directly support her in a difficult time🙏 

You'll be contacted seperately for your colour choice!👍


🌟 Sizes Available: 

✨ 40cm x 40cm
✨ 50cm x 50cm
✨ 60cm x 60cm:

🌟 Price doesn’t include inserts
🌟 Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Required to Proceed:  5

🌟 Current MOQ Progress: 2 of 5 
🌟 Material: Cotton & Coconut Shell Buttons
🌟 Colour: Your choice (ref pic for options)'ll be contacted to confirm
🌟 ETA: these are hand made & will be air freighted so approx 3-4 weeks from order placement with Supplier, depending on Covid & Xmas delays ie can't guarantee delivery for Xmas!

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